KajaNe’s Activity Information

  • KajaNe’s Ubud Trekking
    Officially designed by KajaNe to spoil you by 5 kilometers trail passing many different varieties of plant such as clove, coconut, durian, cacao, papaya, and many other tropical plants accompanied by awesome rice field. Ended point at our exclusive property, KajaNe Yangloni for the massage and traditional lunch included in this KajaNe’s Ubud Trekking activity, the place where you can find the harmony of health and leisure. more info

  • KajaNe’s Ubud Cycling
    Proudly present this activity for those who want to experience a fun and healthy exercise. This activity is provided for all ages with approximately 4.5 kilometers or 2.8 miles length of trail. Passing uphill route bring unforgettable challenge for you and accompanied by the nuance of Taman and Petulu village that spoil you by fresh atmosphere during the activity. Spend t less than 2 hours, see how the activities of villagers are and finally enjo your rest after cycling at Kajane’s exclusive venue, KajaNe Yangloni, the center of health and leisure.
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  • Mt. Batur Climbing
    Originally adventure, this activity is devoted for those who are explorer-minded. This activity offers a big chance for you to have a lot of natural exercise with fun and exciting moment. The length of the trail will be approximately 4.5 kilometers or 2.8 miles with route that mainly terrain and gravels. Feel safe to explore every single step of Mt. Batur with our guest assistant and enjoy the sunrise at the peak of the mount. And also feel the new atmosphere of having lunch at our exclusive property, KajaNe Yangloni, Private Boutique Health and Leisure Center.
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  • Yangloni Short Trekking
    Spend only 30 minute, this activity is dedicated to provide a comfortable route of trekking for those who has no much strength to complete a long route of trekking. This activity provides an awesome time for you to have a close-nature moment where you can spoil yourself with the fantastic view of rice field along the route. more info

  • Spiritual Package
    Catch the moment to be Balinese, this spiritual activity provide you with total hand experience of making Balinese offering and experience spiritual ritual. This activity will be started from learning how to make offering until ritual religion session, visiting Tirta Empul Temple where the holy bath will take place. Besides, this package is also provided by Balinese style lunch and 30 minutes hand and foot massage which will be served at KajaNe Yangloni, a Private Boutique Health and Leisure Center with open air in natural ambience surrounded by rice paddy. more info

  • Yoga Practice
    Get the experience of practicing yoga at KajaNe’s exclusive property, KajaNe Yangloni with our multi-talented staff. Spend only 1 hour, being health with leisure by yoga at pool side venue, special yoga altar, or indoor space with us. Starting from warming up, eight yoga “Asanas” prepared officially by Kajane’s team, and ended by cooling down. Refresh your body, mind, and soul with different way with us at a special venue. more info

  • Private Yoga
    Practicing Yoga with expert yoga instructor, this private yoga let you practicing yoga deeply based on your need. Practicing yoga allows us extending your healthy, productive years far beyond the accepted norm and, at the same time; improve the quality of your lives. more info

  • Balinese Offering Lesson
    Wondering how amazing Balinese offering is, here KajaNe proudly provide this activity for you to explore how to make Balinese Offering. This activity is cultural activity committed to those who want to experience how to make Balinese offering completed with giving offering to the God.
    This activity provide a moment for the guest to get involve during offering making to give a glimpse moment of being Balinese and spend time as Balinese way of life.
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  • Balinese Paddy Plantation
    Feel free at rice field planting rice sprout as Balinese ancient Famers, this activity was officially designed to tract you back to the time where the tradition of planting procedure was followed step by step. Here you will find the real experience of being a famer, which is conducted at an exclusive property, KajaNe Yangloni, Private Boutique Health and Leisure Center.
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  • Dance and Gamelan Lesson
    Learn and Experience how the spirit of Balinese dances movement can increase your impression of Balinese culture. Dance and Gamelan Lesson was officially designed for you to let you being a true Balinese, dancing like a Balinese woman and playing gamelan like a Balinese man. Conducted in our exclusive property, KajaNe Yangloni, Private Boutique Health and Leisure Center, this activity will spend approximately 2 hours. more info

  • Painting Lesson
    That will be exciting experience, when we express our sense of art together with the Balinese traditional painter, he will assist us how to create a Balinese traditional painting or modern painting as we want to know about. Atmosphere of nature will give a great inspiration in our painting lesson.
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  • Simple Fun Cooking Class
    Making Balinese cake with fun, that is this activity was designed. This class is provided to give you a total experience of exploring, preparing, and tasting a variety of Balinese Cake. This program is to give lesson to the participants about traditional or archipelago cake/snack. Spend only 2 hours, feel the different of making and tasting your handmade Balinese cake with your beloved family of friend or with your spouse of fiancé. more info

  • Semprong Cooking Class
    Semprong cooking class is a class provided by KajaNe to let you have a total experience of exploring, preparing, and tasting a variety of Balinese or Indonesian dishes. This program is to give lesson to you about herb and spices used in every day Balinese dishes. Conducting at traditional kitchen at KajaNe Yangloni, you also can get the herbs and spices used for cooking traditionally. more info

  • Temelung Afternoon Tea
    Temelung is Balinese terminology used for naming a traditional plate made from banana leaves. This plate is traditionally used to change the function of modern plate. This activity will include how to drink coffee or tea in ancient Balinese way and also enjoy the coffee or tea with several choices of Balinese cake at KajaNe Yangloni. more info

  • Bete-Bete Kite Lesson
    Derived from Balinese terminology, Bete-Bete is the name given for simplest Kite in Bali. Designed for children and also family this activity will provide a chance for you to experience making kite completed by flying kite in our private field at KajaNe Yangloni, Private Boutique Health and Leisure Center. This activity is suitable for all ages with will conduct with fun and joy, either making and flying kite. Spend approximately 2 hours; grab experience of making kite traditionally by your own effort. more info

  • Sunrise Breakfast
    Have your breakfast with different way. This activity is devoted to provide different atmosphere of having breakfast, completed with simple yoga before breakfast and having breakfast accompanied by the shine of the sunrise over the beach. Start from 5 am in the morning and take around 2.5 hours, experience the fantastic style of having your breakfast.
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  • CLD with Simple Performance
    Taking place at our exclusive property, KajaNe Yangloni, Private Boutique Health and Leisure Center, your dinner will be unforgettable and become the special dinner that you ever have. With several choices of dinner menu set, your dinner will be accompanied by simple performance, Balinese traditional dance performed by KajaNe’s talented staff.
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  • Photo Shooting
    Being Balinese bride and bridegroom in a day and capture your picture while dressing as Balinese. This is to spoilt you by dressing you like Balinese noble. And your unforgettable moment will captured by our well trained photographer and will be saved on CD’s, this a activity will take time 1, 5 hours starting from make up until take your picture both indoor or outdoor, we provide two venue for this Photo Shooting Session, at KajaNe Mua OR at our exclusive property KajaNe Yangloni with open air ambience surrounded by rice field view. more info

  • Simple Wedding Blessing
    This is a non-legal married arranged by KajaNe. This marriage will be conducted at KajaNe’s exclusive property, KajaNe Yangloni, Private Boutique Health and Leisure Center. This activity will take approximately 7 hours starting from dressing as Balinese bride and bridegroom.
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  • Topeng Dance Lesson
    A movement of steps and body language is a major thing in Balinese topeng dance. A professional topeng dance trainer will assist us, how we can describe a character of mask through our movement. Gamelan as traditional Balinese music instrument will complete the movement in harmony.
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